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LOCAL: Milkman Recordings

Words By: Matthew Steyn

We caught up with Mat Cammarano, budding producer and man behind Milkman Recordings, to chat about his process, influences, and the long road to refining your skills.

What is Milkman Recordings?
Milkman Recordings specialises in mobile audio production. Mainly I help musicians make records at their homes, rehearsal studios or any other place using  a compact recording rig.

Where did the idea come from?
Every artist/band is recording their own material to some degree. My job is to bridge the gap between DIY and Pro recordings by using my ears and gear.

Who’s involved?
Myself and assistant/dog Lucy.

What does your set up/process involve?
This is how it usually goes:

Meet the band at the space and decide on a setup that suits both the engineer and musicians.
Fiddle with mics, knobs, headphones etc. until everyone is content.
Press record and take notes on each performance.
Play back recordings to the band, add any overdubs if necessary.
Edit, mix and send performances back to band.

Is your van legitimately a milk man van?
Nope, my van is actually a Skoda Yeti with the seats removed.

Mobile Rig 2
Image Credit: Mat Cammarano

Give us a bit of context on you – how did you get started in the recording business?
Like most of us I started out recording my own songs, that progressed to friends then to friends of friends.

Your site says you’ve been working with Andy Lawson, what’s that been like?
I had recorded a bunch of songs with Andy a while back. After much insistence he finally caved and let me assist him at Debaser. The man is a fount of knowledge and a great mentor/engineer/Fifa ‘13 player.        He still lets me hang out despite the barrage of dumb questions, suspect mic placements and studio blunders.  I owe him a lot.

 Favourite project you’ve worked on so far?
At the moment I’m teaming up with the fine folks at Live & Local 89.7fm to capture one take performances of bands in their natural habitat and/or interesting locations. The series aims to showcase the performance skills of emerging artists so they can approach venues or other bands for gig opportunities. We aim to release the first episode mid-August.

 Bands/artists you’re loving from Perth right now?
Oakland , Our Man in Berlin , Michael Savage, St South, Black Stone From the Sun, Ludodowwn, TEIJ (I may or may not be in this band).

Any quick/hot tips for up and coming recording engineers/producers?
Like any worthy pursuit you’ve got to be in it for the long haul (not exactly a quick tip) and realise that sometimes it will be a slog. Also, try not to feel too inadequate when your mixes or productions don’t weigh up to your mentors. This takes years and years of refinement and practice and there is always something else to learn.

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