WA Government To Analyse Turd Data In Fight Against Meth

Words by: Jonathon Davidson

Today the West Australian reported that Perth citizens will be part of an anonymous drug test which well measure levels of methamphetamine in our sewage in an attempt to “shock users off the drug”.

The testing of ‘effluent’ is reportedly set to examine waste in central, south and east Perth over a 12 month period.

There is no comment on how much this will cost.

There is also no comment on how sewage will be tested, and whether chemical testing will effectively determine methylamphetamines from psuedoephedrine and or dexamphetamines.

There is also no comment on why the West Australian data is set to be collected over 12 months where a sister experiment in VIC analysed sewage for only “one day”.

Police Minister Liz Harvey told reporters with the West that surveys reflecting WA’s high rates of methamphetamine use, compared to the national average, gave good cause for the tests to be done.

There is no comment on how this new data will benefit taskforces in any way beyond being a way to “shock users” off the drug.

It is not stated whether or not the analysis process and final results of the test, and how those conclusions are arrived upon, will be made known to the public.