Non-For-Profit Museum of Perth To Open In August

Words By: Luann Nilsson

Thanks to crowdfunding and the support of volunteers, the Museum of Perth is set to open its doors in August.

“The Museum of Perth will chronicle the social, cultural, political and architectural history of Perth.”

The Museum of Perth will host an exhibition space, a micro cinema, Henry Saw Café (after the first man to roast coffee in Perth) digital archives and stations that allow visitors to document their own historical pieces of Perth.

Despite making just over 10% of their crowdfunding goal, a “cheap lease” was acquired on Grand Lane, parallel to Barrack Street in the heart of Perth city.

Museum of Perth state that “Our first exhibition will most likely focus in the history of cycling in Perth from the 1800s through to today.”

The museum will open for its first night on August 25th.

Click the link to donate or volunteer at Museum of Perth