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REVIEW: Infinite Jest – Death Cab for Comedy @ The Rosemount

Words by: J. W. Denholm

I was lucky enough to make it along to the inaugural Death Cab for Comedy at the Rosemount hotel this week. My expectations were high when I arrived. The event was hosted by the guys who bring us Infinite Jest every Monday night, which we review here.

The idea behind tonight’s, monthly show, was to bring together the world of comedy. A showcase of great comedian with a music act to finish the night. It was an ambitious idea but people were clearly excited as they filed in and took their seats. Here is how the night went down.

The MC for this evenings gig was Ivan Aristeguieta all the way from Venezuela. He was an absolute genius behind the microphone. His observations on Australian culture as an outsider were exactly what the audience needed to get the night off to a great start. My hopes of a great night looked like they would be met.

First up on the showcase was Ciaran Lyons, who you can see on channel 10’s the Project and hear on Triple J. Ciaran’s stories of life as an 18 year old are simply hilarious. He manages to make the jokes relatable to audiences of all ages and that takes some real talent.

Next up was Jez Watts who made the audience laugh with some sordid tales from his past. I don’t want to ruin any of his jokes by revealing the subject matter but if you get a chance to hear these stories you should take it.

To close out the first bracket of comedy we had David Tuffley whip the crowd into a laughing frenzy with his quick on liners and great onstage persona. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the first bracket.

To start the second bracket Ivan’s natural ability at interacting with the crowd got everyone settled back into a the rhythm and he brought on my favourite act for the night. Glenn Grimwood with his witty self-deprecation was a change of pace form the other acts on the night, and if the laugher in the room was anything to go by was an audience favourite too.

If you have ever seen you’re the next act, Sam Cribb, you will know that he is consistently hilarious and tonight was no exception. The more I watch this man the more I realise there isn’t many topics he can’t turn into comedy gold.

The final act in the comedy brackets was Sonny Yang. Regaling us with hilarious tales from what was a very busy week. His combination of deadpan and hyperbole had the audience in stiches form start to finish.

The night really got pumping once Wisdom 2th hit the stage for the musical bracket. The chairs were moved and the dance floor got started. Wisdom2th’s afro could be seen from the other side of the room and his music can only be described as incredible.  The man oozes creativity. If you haven’t checked him out I suggest you do so soon.

Overall it was a great night of comedy, and the music was a good way to end the night. It was a different type of night to what I’m used to and in that laid its strength. For only $10 I couldn’t have asked for more. This is a monthly comedy night the next one is on Sunday September 6th and details can be found here. The guys offer two for one early bird tickets so get in quick.

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