Big Splash Grand Final Picks

Words By: Our Music Crew

With the Big Splash band competition coming to a dramatic close on Friday night at the Rosemount Hotel, we’ve done a quick poll on who think who’s gonna take home the 10k.

Jasmine Uitermark
Winner: Shit Narnia
Runner Up: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets/The High Learys
Wildcard: Jacob Diamond

Shit Narnia have got to be the crowd favourite this year. They’re the perfect amount of amped up energy for a band comp, harnessing crowd vibes for seriously killer sets. Second place will be a head to head between Psychedelic Porn Crumpets and The High Learys as they delve into their individual psych rock genres.

Would love to see Jacob Diamond knock this one out of the park and have his 2012 track ‘Losing Game’ serve up some irony however I think the dynamics are just a little too different.

Tim Mead
Winner: Shit Narnia
Runner Up: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

I think Shit Narnia will win. Best stage presence of the lot, heaps of energy and crowd interaction. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets for second, they really tap into the tame impala vibes and the guys always put in a solid performance.

Laurent Shervington 
Winner: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Runner Up:  Shit Narnia

Goddamn this is hard to pick. When you get to this stage in the competition the smallest edge can make or break your chances and I’m going to put my money on the Crumpets. Their performance and mosh-pit during their last set was easily the most energetic of the night, edging out Shit Narnia by a slim margin.
While I think the prize is anyone’s game, I see the Crumpets coming in with a slight edge having won the semi final (Shit Narnia second) with a very tight and crowd-moving set. While I do hope to see Shit Narnia get over the line, for now my money is on the Crumpets.

Jack Smith

Winner: The High Learys
Runner ups: Shit Narnia

Surely The High Learys, they’ve got the nicest shoes and even nicer haircuts. Their nostalgic, psychedelic 60’s sound is going to triumph in this comp, it’s what John Lennon would have wanted. Anyone that disagrees is essentially a Mark Chapman sympathiser. Shit Narnia have got a more upbeat, riotous onstage presence and if crowd response is enough to sway the judges, then they’ve got a good shot at the top spot too.

Sam Farrington

None of them: I’m predicting they’ll all be disqualified after piss testing for illicit/performance enhancing drugs.