RSPCA WA ‘Has Lost Its Way’, Government Inquiry Into Organisation Begins Monday

Words by: Jonathon Davidson


Shooters and Fishers member Rick ‘Mazza’ is leading a parliamentary inquiry into RSPCA’s West Australian organisation according to a report published by WaToday.

Rick Mazza’s intentions are allegedly to determine whether or not RSPCA are in fact ‘protectors of creatures great and small’, or if they are ‘wasting taxpayer’s money…[to serve] animal liberationists’ agendas’, as written in the AAP article.

However, former boss of RSPCA WA Eric Ball is set to give evidence to the inquiry during the first hearing this Monday.

‘The organisation has lost its way’, Mr. Ball was paraphrased.

Allegedly the organisation has behaved in questionable manners over the last three years when dealing with ‘government ties’ and ‘distanced itself from members’.

However perhaps the most damning piece of scrutiny against them is that across 2013 and 2014, RSPCA WA received 20,749 cruetly calls and investigated only 6113, according to WAToday.

RSPCA WA reportedly receives $500, 000 a year from state funding.