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8 Top Spots to Buy Donuts in Perth

Words By: Natasha Bloomfield

Mo Espresso

The donuts at Mo Espresso are provided by Top Dup and come beautifully presented, with the filling visible from the outside adding a touch of colour. The donuts do not have the hole in the middle, which leaves more room for the delicious filling. The lemon curd donut is packed full of silky lemon curd which explodes on the taste buds. Top Dup have a wide range to choose from including Blueberry Cheesecake, Reese’s Peanut Butter and Boston Cream. Be sure to get in fast to Mo Espresso – they sell out super quick.

Lemon curd donut – $6.00.

210 St. George’s Tce, Perth.


Levi’s Donuts

 Levi’s donuts are available at the Yard from Friday to Sunday. The donuts are fried in rice bran oil which makes them a healthier choice and therefore justifies eating at least two in one sitting. The outside is crunchy and heavily dusted with sugar, whilst the inside is fluffy and light. The largest on the list at 13cm across, Levi’s donuts are definitely worth the money. These donuts are served warm which adds an extra layer of flavour; be sure to eat them while they’re hot.

Traditional donut – $4.00.

Fremantle Markets, Fremantle.


Mary Street Bakery

 The smell of this donut is super strong and it is large enough to fit a generous proportion of the oozing salted caramel filling in the centre. The outside is dusted with sugar and is super tasty. However, it is the filling that is the true hero here. It packs a punch with the strong, salty caramel flavour, and there is so much of it that it could be considered a meal on its own. Just make sure you eat it on an empty stomach as it is so delicious you won’t want to leave any.

Salted caramel donut – from $3.50.

507 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley.


Krispy Kreme

 The days of carting Krispy Kreme donuts from Melbourne back to Perth are now long gone, with stores open right here in Hillarys and Myaree. The choc iced donut comes with a thick layer of chocolate icing that tastes somewhat uninteresting but looks so smooth and perfect that it is almost too good to be true. The bottom half of the donut is complete with a layer of glaze and the donut itself is rather chewy. If you’re looking for a quick meal, this single donut accounts for 15% of your daily energy intake. Krispy Kreme has a very diverse range including New York Cheesecake, Black Forest and Raspberry Coconut Iced.

Assorted donuts – $3.00.

Multiple locations.


Sugar and Nice

 Sugar and Nice have a variety of donuts and it’s first in, best dressed. The mini apple pie donut has a moist consistency which is heavily coated with tasty icing sugar. The inside of the donut features a small mixture that looks and tastes so close to apple pie filling, that essentially what you have is an apple pie covered in donut mixture. And in a super easy to eat bite-sized chunk, who wouldn’t want to eat them?

Mini apple pie donut – $2.50.

882 Beaufort St, Inglewood.


Donut King

The strawberry donut with sprinkles is a little dry with an average flavour, but the strawberry icing smells strongly of strawberry and is silky and tasty, and the sprinkles add an extra spark of colour and flavour. These donuts are super convenient for snacks on the go or to munch on throughout the day. Donut King also has a selection of novelty donuts, donut holes and chocolate churros to choose from.

Iced cake ring with sprinkles – $2.50.

Multiple locations.


San Churros

 Churros are a mixture of sugar, flour, cinnamon and salt which is fried in oil and served with a pot of melted chocolate. Given this is the case, there isn’t much not to like about them. The Spanish donuts are not your traditional donut shape, but are rather long, thick strips of pure delicious flavour. The outside is crunchy, the inside is fluffy, and the dipping chocolate is good enough to eat on its own.

Churros for one (three churros) with a pot of melted milk chocolate – $8.95.

Multiple locations.


Puffin Fresh Donuts

 The quintessential donut shop of your childhood is still as amazing as you remember. The cinnamon donut is a traditional donut shape, and the outside is chewy and dusted with sugar whilst the inside is light, fluffy, and so smooth it melts in your mouth. It is by far the least oiliest and simplest on the list, and at the cheapest price, is definitely worth the money. For the more adventurous, there is a very varied range, from iced to jam, to novelty and donuts that come with lollies. But really, it’s hard to top the classic.

Cinnamon donut – $1.10.

Multiple locations.