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MUSIC OF THE WEEK: Jaala – Hard Hold

Words By: James Versluis

Castaway logical thought and prepare to spiral into the insanity that is JAALA. JAALA is a Melbourne based act, lead by vocalist Cosima Jaala. Supporting the legendary Hiatus Kaiyote on their upcoming Australian tour, JAALA is set to make some big waves with their upcoming album.

Our first taste of this album comes from the track, Hard Hold. Released just over a month ago, Hard Hold flirts with pop sensibilities, while sounding like an insane hybrid of Perth bands Moana and Tired Lion. Maybe a chuck a splash of early Little Birdy just for good measure as well. Spiraling jazz infused, droning bass lines juxtaposed with jagged, jarring guitar that dutifully follows the vocal hooks. Clearly, the minds behind JAALA are no strangers to the odd Swans record. The song makes a distinct point of taking you through a fluctuating state of emotions, each section of the song meticulously constructed to lure out some hope, some melancholy and a whole lot of madness. There’s a sense of urgency to “Hard Hold”, think “Nick Cave in a hurry to catch a train” or something along those lines.

Featuring a late guitar breakdown that you could easily find on an early ‘The Fall of Troy’ or ‘Mars Volta’ song, albeit with a lot less fuzz. Running at just over four minutes, Hard Hold is definitely a starting point that JAALA should be very proud of.

Just because we live in Perth, doesn’t mean we have to go without seeing this Melbourne gem.

Next Friday, they’ll be joined by local lads Koi Child at the Rosemount on Hiatus Kaiyote’s ‘Choose Your Weapon’ tour. Do yourself a favour, go have a gander, you’ve earnt it.