Local Photography

Photography: The Fire Hydrants of UWA

Photography by: Kieran MacFarlane

UWA campus is protected by a network of cold iron hydrants, always watching for a fire, never letting their attention waver, always humble, and never with company. Perfect coordination on their part allows every part of campus feel covered , and yet it’s this self sacrificing camraderie that ensures their lives are spent alone.

Watching over their weak, flesh, creators with love like a parents; the fire hydrants of UWA are the strongest role models of my academic life.

Like so many other young adults I’ll graduate soon enough, and things are looking bright. The landscape of friends I keep changes over time, but with luck the few who’ve stuck around the longest with me will stick around through the rest of this crazy path we call life. But when the path slows and my breathing gets shallow, the fire hydrants of UWA will still be there; watching over the young adults of the future, and maybe one of them will notice the same qualities I have. Maybe another student will notice their red, humble, always underwhelming but never wavering, never with company but always loving gaze.