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REVIEW: Bread In Common

Words By: Hannah Lawrance

Rustic. It’s all the rage at the moment. Feature brick walls contrasted with wooden tables and an array of light bulbs hanging cords-and-all. Like I said – rustic. Aware I had just entered into architectural heaven, the size of the refurbished warehouse surprised me – it’s large. Large enough for a brass band but small enough that you aren’t swallowed whole by its space. While you goggle up the interior design you will also notice Bread in Common is a double-threat. The unconventional open-ended kitchen sits side-by-side their famous bakery, supplying Perth and Fremantle with the equivalent of what haemoglobin supplies to the brain – oxygen; life; carbs. Following simple traditional recipes, the handmade bread is made from local, organic ingredients that is perfectly crunchy on the outside and super soft on the inside. Note: just like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, this bread will ruin you for all other breads.

Now, it’s time to talk food. The plates are designed for sharing – which for an indecisive woman who wants to taste everything possible (much like myself) it’s more than desirable. The white bean, avocado and tomato medley salad was a winner. I scooped the light, wholesome dish onto my new-favourite-bread-of-all-time and voila! A match so perfect even eHarmony couldn’t compare. Their food definitely reflects what the menu is about – an educational experience by sourcing local and seasonal produce. And because of that focus it’s probably a good time to tell you that the menu does in fact change quite often, which has its pros and cons. For someone who doesn’t like change or has been hankering to try that photo they saw on that persons Instagram that time, you might be disappointed. But for those who are as hyperactive as a Jack Russell and get bored quite easily, then this is right up your alley.

Image Credit: Hannah Lawrance
Image Credit: Hannah Lawrance

For all those coffee-snobs out there I do have some disappointing news. And from my four years in hospitality experience I have a slight understanding of coffee culture. But just slightly. Their coffee is acidic – not their fault just the type of bean – meaning if you’re a soy-matcha-latte lover then maybe give it a miss, unless you want to drink curdled tofu. I, myself am one of those soy-freaks and I was slightly disappointed in the coffee, but being the indecisive-sharing-woman I am I just had to taste my friends long-mac-topped-up-with-one-sugar-please. And I was pleasantly surprised. So if your body simply can’t handle dairy then try one of their freshly squeezed juices!

All in all my experience was as spicy as the chillies that hang down in decoration. For all intents and purposes (cue: joke I just attempted to make) spicy means exciting, flavoursome and electrifying. Will be returning for more share plates, but next time I will try their cheese and wine!

Bread In Common are located at 43 Pakenham Street, Fremantle.
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