Local Your Weekend Sorted

Your Weekend Sorted 27.08 – 30.08

Thursday 27.08 

MUSIC // Jaala @ The Bird

TONIGHT, One of Melbourne’s best up and coming acts will sure as hell sooth your ear drums and break your heart ‘think experimental bedroom punk v jazzy neo-soul v warmth v heartache’. On tour with Hiatus Kaiyote, they are heading to the West a day early to play an intimate gig at The Bird, alongside Perth legends Hideous Sun Demon & Doctopus. If you still don’t believe us, check out our review of Jaala’s new single/video here. Thank us tomorrow.

Doors 8pm || 5 doll hairs


MUSIC // Spacemanantics Mojos Lovefest #2 @ Mojos

Once a month at Mojo’s; love, Thursday’s, beer, love, music and love.

This time around you’ll have your fingers tingling to the smooth sounds of Spacemanantics, Crim and the Boys, Golden String and Leafy Suburbs.

What. a. Thursday.

Doors 7pm || $5



Friday 28.08

THEATRE // All That Glitters by The Last Great Hunt @ The Blue Room

If your 12+ you have no excuse but to attend yet another great beauty by our favourites over at The Last Great Hunt. Equal parts protest and pop-music, this Taylor Swift extravaganza depicts hope in the face of hopelessness and how humans alike can find the smallest glimmer of light in the darkest places.

Please note: Taylor Swift will not be present at this production, but your ears will be filled with her delightful toons.

Doors at 7pm || $15-$25


MUSIC // Riley Pearce (Single Launch) @ Indi Bar

That all crooning, all lovely dude, Riley Pearce, will be strutting his stuff at the Indi Bar in Scarborough on Friday night with the release of his sure-to-be-a-winner new single, Brave. Helping him get it out there in a style akin to a loose party will be The Durongs and Amanda Merdzan. Make sure you don’t miss this one, it’ll be huge!

Doors 8pm || $10



Saturday 29.08

MUSIC //Filthy Apes Album Launch @ The Bird

They’re filthy and they’re ape-y, the closest living relative to human beings that can shred guitars, say swearwords and drink beer, it’s the FILTHY APES! That’s right folks, for only $10 you can see these apes up close and personal with their homo sapien pals, Rag ’n Bone, Doctopus, Fuzz Toads and Apollo’s Son! Doors 8pm || Entry $10


MUSIC // Puck ‘Take The Day’ @ The Odd Fellow

Have you ever had your face melted by a soldering iron? Well, that’s the equivalent of what those groovy rock kids in PUCK will do to your noggin when they take the The Odd Fellow with Pissed Colas, Ursula and Aborted Tortoise as part of their national Take The Day tour.

Doors 8pm ||



Sunday 30.08 

CULTURE // Markets @ The Bird

As part of our ongoing promotion of The Bird (which they’ll never thank us for, those lovely chumps!), we’re saying you should definitely go down to the markets they’re hosting on Sunday arvo. There’ll be some DJ’s doing their thang, jewellery, art, plants (geddit) – probably just flowers though, hey, records, food and more!

Doors 12pm || Entry Gold Coin Donation