Soundclound Residency August: Rag N’ Bone, Jamie Gallacher

John Bonham – Fool in the Rain (drum track)

Bonham is one of my biggest musical influences. I feel that this track is a perfect example of his precision and feel.

Alex Elbery – Song to a Drowning Siren

I’ve always liked Alex’s music, particularly lyrically. This is a guy who can adapt to just about any genre – be it rock, electro or his latest project Alex Elbery and The Strangers. I first heard this song live in a very small, acoustic environment with just Alex and a guitar, it really stood out to me.

Ben Protasiewicz – FML

One of the most well written, heaviest (lyrically) songs I’ve heard, and it just so happens to come from a guy I have the honour of playing music with.

Axel Carrington – Safe Travels

Another guy who it is an absolute pleasure to create music with. You rarely get to see this side of Axel at a Rag n’ Bone gig, but it’s there and it’s incredible. This song was written for Kiera and Sara (half of R n’ B) when they dissappeared to Europe for a couple of months – what a fucking sweet man.

Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby

I’m a sucker for a good harmony. So who better? This song is everything you might expect from the title, a care free beach side anthem.

Amy Winehouse – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Not the original but hands down my favourite version of this song. Outstanding vocal performance and solid rearrangement. (This copy cuts off half way thrugh – but it’s the only one I could find on SoundCloud, if you get the chance find the whole thing and pour yourself a glass of red.)

FOAM – Wrong Child

One of my favourite local releases from one of my favourite local bands. The verse melody is what caught my ear, it’s criminal.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – God is in the Rhythm

This may be one of the most repetitive songs I’ve heard, but I could listen to that melody all day. Just a super chilled out song.

Dead Owls – Only Child

I miss this band terribly. Such a solid sound and from a two piece. This song in particular displays some great dynamics throughout, Sam Maher’s (my favourite local drummer to watch live) drum fill that leads into the climax of the song gets me everytime.

A-ha – Take On Me

I can’t hear this song without moving my feet. Catchiest riff ever. End of story.