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Souncloud Residency September: Jacob Diamond

So I went back into the annals of my memory slash iTunes library to get a nice cross section of my favourite tracks from #lyf. Turns out it’s hard to find tracks on Soundcloud? Just, in a general sense.

But mostly it’s just hard to find tracks that aren’t covers by big_dingdong69 or whoever that make you literally want to die right there at your computer. So some essentials have been omitted. Anyways, what I’ve mostly come up with here are singer-songwriters. That’s what I was almost exclusively reared on musically, and that’s what I like and eventually tried to become. I like melancholic stuff mixed with sweetness and melody, and some of that is represented here.

Gunns – Leaving Home

Starting locally with Gunns’ track ‘Leaving Home’ because it’s fucking sick. My brother Toby showed it to me first (a trend early established and continuing today), and I immediately adored the magic in the thing. I listened to it about eight times in a row. I’ve never met the songwriter Clint, but he’s super dreamy.

Tom O’Halloran – Green Hills And White Clouds

Continuing with a local jazz cat, Tom O’Halloran.. who is less of a cat and more of a literal genius. Sometimes in the Perth-insular peninsula, it’s easy to forget that there are these literal fucking Mozart’s just walking around town at IGA and shit, who exist in different, less visible circles, but are as poetic and masterful as the best of ’em. He’s also my cousin so I’m super biased, but it aint just me – he’s nationally recognised as, essentially, the tits. This was the first jazz I ever really cared about (I later studied it until I eventually hated it again, but it’s cool we’re on good terms now) and the first time that music I was interested in that wasn’t a three and a half minute ditty with words. In the liner notes of this record, Tom says that this song is literally about lying on green hills and looking up at white clouds. He brings that to life vividly, with grace. I reckon.

Patient little Sister – Say Goodbye

In Perth still, now with the siblings Roger. Rogers. Whatever, they’re badass. Bit of nostalgia here. Saw these guys play at The Swan Hotel in 2011 at one of my first ever local/legal gigs. I thought then and think now that their songwriting and delivery is just.. classic? No better way I can think to describe it – it just seems classic to me. They were cooler and older then me, and their set left me with the distinct impression that playing and writing in this town was serious and mysterious and exciting. #feels

Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
Realised I barely had any actual bands in my list, so I threw in this favourite of mine. I mean, what the fuck, just listen to it and accept that you’ll never ever in your whole life produce anything with as much bloody pizazz. I’d like to meet the drummer and give he/she a little smooch right on the mouth, too. GREAT drum part.

David Bowie – Soul Love
Obsessed with this track at the moment. I just bought a goldfish with two different coloured eyes and called it Bowie. He’s going alright. Anyways, I think this song captures the best bits of Bowie – his energy, beautiful voice, abandon, intrigue, experimentalism etc., while still being in an ‘innocent’-ish era. It also has one of the rarest moments in music for me – a saxophone solo I like. Love, even.

Frank Ocean – Sweet Life

Hot track. Perfect meld of easily diggable groove, with easily-missable oddness. Frank can do no wrong in my eyes. When I saw him in Paris after Channel Orange came out, he just stood up there and sang and it was perfect.

Blake Mills – If I’m Unworthy

Interesting Singer-Songwriter out of Santa Monica. He reminds me of Ry Cooder with his playing style, but of someone else badass in-song, who I can’t think of right now. This is another track that is easily accessible in a lot of ways, but is filled with juicy subtleties. Highlights include phenomenal guitar solo and interjectory marching snare outro.

Madvillain – Accordian

Possibly my favourtie track… ever? Probably most listened to, at least. Doom and Madlib team up on the record Madvillainy and open with this – a short, oddly subdued banger, that satisfies my need/want for true-rhymes; one of Doom’s specialties. It’s interesting, because, as soon as Doom is done saying what he wants to say, the track just ends. I always dug that. He’s like, ‘nah I’m done, no choruses, lets go and be badass elsewhere’… So that doesn’t actually happen on this soundcloud users (mostly non-existent) edit, but you get the vibe!

Otis Redding – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

King of soul, doing his thing. Found out recently that Otis died in a plane crash, when my Dad had always warned me about the dangers of drugs by saying he died from a drug-overdose. Nice try, Greg! But happy fathers day, love you xo

Tom Waits – Walking Spanish
Tommy, Tom, tom, tom, tommy, tom, tombo, tommy, tom. This is one of the only Waits tracks that I love that I could find in full. I could’ve chosen In The Neighbourhood, I Don’t Wanna grow Up, Clap hands, Who Are You, Jockey Full Of Bourbon etc. I never thought I would get Tom Waits, and then one day I just did and it was the best. In another rare moment, I’ve chosen a song with an extremely lovable saxophone break.
Thanks guys, hope that wasn’t all too wanky.
Love jacob.