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Music of the Week: Good Try – Sick Day

Words by: Jake Eckersley


This album is adorable. The chilled out alt pop vibes of Good Try are one of the cutest releases I’ve heard in a while. The whole album sounds like a collection of songs written for cartoons or happy little video games inspired by the bits in adventure time when they break out in awkward song.

“On like a pot of neckbones” is a whacky little minimalist groove rotating around a single vocal riff that builds really subtly. It feels like a lazy beach day where way too much time is allocated to any one activity; waiting for your friends takes too long, eating lunch doesn’t kill enough time but its too hot to be stressed about major inactivity. The vocals are super youthful, not just on this track but throughout the whole album. Very smile worthy.

Opening with a clav piano sound that follows a sweet ass vocal melody, “I had a dream” is 1:27 of dreamy summery duet goodness. The vocals are lazy and soft but uber sensual and the lack of instrumentation makes you feel like you’re on a cloud and need to go to nap immediately.

The bedroom production on the final track “fight” is so damn on point, with it’s washed out vocals and surfy strummed guitar riffs, the fullest song on the album is a great indicator of the writing talent these guys have. And the two shorter, more repetitive, single-idea jam tracks “yawn” and “milpool” tie the album together beautifully.

A cool little release from a cool little Perth project.