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Your Weekend Sorted 03.09 – 06.09

Well, the first weekend of September is upon us and it feels like an adequate time for reflection. What have you done with your time this year? I mean, most of us realised in June that we wouldn’t check all of our new years resolutions off the list, but it seems that we may not check any off the list at all as it’s already September and 2015 is running out.

What’s the point then? Why are we here and where are we going?

You can ponder that, and more, at one of the events listed here!


Thursday 3rd September:

MUSIC // Usurper of Modern Medicine (Album preview) @ The Bird

They’ve usurped modern medicine, both holistic and chemical, time and time again and are set to do it once more when they pull a Julian Assange and leak a whole load of their new material. It’s sure to be just swell and they’ll have those cool guys you’re afraid to talk to for fear of tainting their coolness playing, Yokohomos, Verge Collection and Delay Delay. 


Friday 4th September:

MUSIC // Dianas (album launch) @ The Rosemount

Those crooning darlings, Dianas, will sweep you into their mystical palace of sound, where the steps are made of reverb and the window panes are also made of a slightly fuzzed out reverb and the doors are…well you get the idea. It’s bound to be a good time with Sex Panther, Hussy, Hamjam and Catlips all joining the party.

DOORS 8pm || ENTRY $10



MUSIC // Apollo’s Son & friends @ Babushka 

You know what’s a good time? Swallowing a can of Emu Export in one gulp and crushing the can against your head. Why? Cos that’s what fucking lads do, alright? If anyone knows anything about Emus and Exports and then also the beer Emu Export, it’s Apollo’s Son. Why? Cos they’re fucking lads, alright? They’re playing a big show with Kashikoi, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, The Chlorines, Delay Delay, moistoyster, Hip Priest, A’tuin, Moonstone Lane and whoever decides to do a bit of impromptu karaoke.

DOORS 9pm || ENTRY $10



Saturday 5th September:

EXHIBITION // ZINES // MUSIC // Sight of Sound @ The Bird

“Sight of Sound” is a limited run 20 page zine and exhibition of weird and wonderful abstract live music photography by James Taylor featuring photographs of local bands The Spunloves, Mt. Mountain, Catbrush, The Pissedcolas, Hideous Sun Demon, Doctopus, Methyl Ethel, Dougals Casino, Golden String, Mudlark, Spaceman Antics, The Wheelers of Oz & I can Harem. You should definitely go and use your keen eye as a “semi-pro iPhone-based photographer” to critically analyse the work.

DOORS 8pm || ENTRY $5 (that’s ludicrous – definitely go)



MUSIC // PUCK @ The Boston

PUCK have been traipsing around the country tearing peoples faces off like rabid bears with their incredibly heavy sound. Now, as a special favour to the peasants of Perth, they have agreed to play their instruments in front of said peasants for money. So, if you can scrape together $10 you’ll be able to listen and weep at the feet of these lords. They’ve got support from Super Best Friends, Flowermouth and Kaan.

DOORS 8pm || ENTRY $10



MUSIC // Mathas (Album Preview) @ Jack Rabbit Slim’s 

Mathas, the rapper, will be previewing his album this weekend with some friends. Now, they tell me that this young man really does have quite the ability to say sentences that rhyme quite quickly, but that he’s a perfect gentleman as well. Apparently a few other chaps, including Felicity Groom, Empty and DJ Nathan J, will be showing their guests a jolly good time.

DOORS 8pm || ENTRY $10



Sunday 6th September:

COMEDY // Death Cab For Comedy @ 459

Do you like to; a) chuckle, b) giggle, c) laugh until you cry, e) any of the above ? Well, Death Cab For Comedy will have you spluttering, choking on your beer, gasping for air or all of the above with their list of comedians’ jokes and overall larrikinism. Don’t miss out on the likes of Rory Lowe, Colin Ebsworth, Tor Snyder, Nick Maro, Ben Mulvey, Andrew Portelli and Cameron McLaren + musical guests Priority One.

DOORS 8pm || ENTRY $10