‘If You Are The One’ needs Australian contestants

Words by: Luke Hickey

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Let us now praise Chinese dating shows; “If You Are The One” needs Australian contestants. The highly-popular show, broadcasted on SBS2 in Australia, needs Mandarin-speaking Australian participants who are “worried that no one will love them, ever” for a two-part special to be filmed in both Australia and China.

If perhaps you’re unfamiliar with IYATO, or are a little perplexed as to why an international dating show has such a cult following here, allow me to gleefully explain. Unlike other dating programs like The Bachelor or Married At First Sight, IYATO makes the point of being 100% honest. A lot of this comes from the premise of the show: a panel of 24 ladies, comprising the “Avenue of Love”, who don’t hold back with their job interview-like questions as five eligible men come on stage to be judged. All women have a blue light which switches to red (with hilarious sound effect) the second they don’t like the look of some poor single dud. Some of the better one-liners include:

Have you thought of losing weight?”

Can you let down your self-esteem and dignity to accept me?”

My hobby is collecting plastic bags”

I think I may be better than you”

Basically, everything you have wanted to say on those boring, rigmarole Tinder dates but lacked the moral courage to do so. If you think these responses are a little harsh, you haven’t been in the dating world long enough. The main reason IYATO has been so successful in Australia is due to it cutting the fat completely out of the meet-and-greet experience typical to Western dating shows. On a show like The Bachelor where a contestant may give a fence-sitting response like “I don’t know, we had fun, he has a nice personality, but i’m not sure about XYZ etc.”, IYATO gives you:

*cue sounds of guns firing, police sirens*

So if you have the stones to be roasted by a number of women in front of a studio audience, apply here.