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Your Weekend Sorted 10.9 – 13.9

So if you know anything about anything you should know that this weekend we are throwing a partayyy. You should come because it will be fun and also, lets be honest, there is nothing else that is more important that you could be doing this weekend. Mowing your lawn? Skip it. Visiting your grandma? You can see her anytime. Another gig? Pffft.

Saturday 12th of September:

Music//Exhibition//Comedy//Film//Zines//Poetry Rotunda Media Showcase #2 @ The Boston 

Have you ever dreamt of going to a gig that has everything? Well we are here to make your dreams come true with the Rotunda Media Showcase #2. Our unmatchable band lineup includes MoanaEdie GreenShit NarniaNodesSprawl and A’tuin. You will be serenaded on the night by the weaving words of MC Jakub Dammer and mesmerised by artwork by Ellen Broadhurst, Mayan Canes, Kieran Gibson-MacFarlane, Kroddo & Han Solo Art. Oh, and there is heaps of other cool shit that is happening that we don’t even have space to mention … I guess you’ll just have to come down for yourself and check it out.