The Strange Ego of ABC During Tonight’s Change In PM

During the admittedly quite entrancing events of this afternoon, ABC have been giddy like a schoolboy since the moment Bishop and Turnbull were confirmed to have made a move of separation against Tony Abbott, leading to tonight’s announcement that Mr. Turnbull is now Prime Minister.

ABC News 24 have been running a live stream both online and over televised broadcast covering the event for the entire afternoon and evening (WST).

Discussions between the hosts, interviewees and on site journalists have mostly surrounded the visibility of ministers captured by ABC cameras in Parliament House, the secrecy of the ballot being conducted this evening and the legitimacy of ABC’s presence at the event.

“This is our story to tell,” one ABC 24 host said this evening during coverage.

Also worth noting are the types of discussions that have been featuring on the live broadcast. A large part of the on site reports have focused on the observable presence of media in Canberra, the absence of public members, and the role of the press in what has been dubbed ‘libspill.’

While this behaviour is by all means within the ABC’s scope of legitimate operations as the ballot and cabinet proceedings were kept private, it cannot be denied that a sense of enthusiasm permeated throughout ABC coverage of tonight’s events.

A number of interviews with political editors and Coalition spokepeople during the live stream amounted to self referential discussion surrounding the ABC’s participation.

As Junkee tweeted earlier this afternoon, ABC had a retrospective review of Tony Abbott’s leadership ‘just sitting there’ ready to go.