New Zealand Has Banned First Book In 22 Years

Despite ‘literary censorship’ seeming like the subject of a history textbook, a “gritty young adult fiction” detailing the whitewashing of a Maori student within a prestigious institution has recently been banned from the shelves in NZ.

The book was banned just over a week ago on the 5th of September.

President of the Film and Literature Board of Review (NZ) Don Mathieson has reportedly stated that the decision is within the ‘public interest.’

Mr. Mathieson allegedly also claimed that he was simply following acts of parliament.

Author Ted Dawe wrote an article for The Guardian in response to the ban which you can read here.

The decision to ban ‘Into the River’ has prompted many NZ journos and writers alike to challenge the decision of censorship.

A “fundamentalist Christian group named Family First” have been blamed for the lobbying leading to the ban by author Ted Dawe during a talk with fans on Reddit

An appeal has allegedly been declined.