Music Of The Week: Skullcave – How To Tell You’re Winning?

Words By: James Versluis

How To Tell You’re Winning? Well Skullcave, provided you’re referring to the act of accomplishing something, and not the painfully overused term made popular by Charlie Sheen (Winning! Urgh.), it’s quite simple. When your recordings emerge from the murky studios of Fat Shans sounding THIS GOOD, that’s how you tell you’re winning.

Recorded and mixed by Adam Round,“How To Tell You’re Winning” orbits around one central riff, which you can hear in it’s most pure form in the opening 20 odd seconds of the track. From this point onwards, Skullcave slowly slap layer upon layer of fuzz and distortion onto the opening, crushing, riff. What results is an entirely visceral, grit filled 5 minute exploration of just how heavy you can make a relatively simple riff, which crescendos into a chug-filled slugfest towards the later half of the song.

In case you’re concerned, you’re not going to have to wait long to hear more from the Skullcave boys. Skullcave are set to launch their upcoming EP, Climbing, at Jimmy’s Den on the 16th of October, supported by local lords FOAM, The Pissedcolas, Nerve Quakes and Calsspiritualjourney.

Head over to our friends at Life is Noise, who are currently the exclusive streamers of the track.