WA Museum To Close For 4 Years

Words by: Freya Hall

The WA Museum will be closing the doors of its Perth building for four years from mid-2016 to allow for refurbishments.

WA Museum Chief Executive Alec Coles has said that the museum will endeavour to deliver exhibitions to visitors through other sites it operates, as well as pop-up displays in and around Perth’s CBD during this time.

“We have got two sites in Fremantle – the Maritime Museum and Shipwrecks Gallery, which will be working full on. We have got regional sites in Kalgoorlie, Albany and Geraldton,” he said.

WA Arts Minister John Day said that while unfortunate, the closure was necessary. Mr Day also admitted that some museum staff would lose their jobs during the construction phase.

“Sometimes you have got to go through a bit of pain to get enormous gain,” he said.

Opposition arts spokeswoman Michelle Roberts slammed the closure decision stating:

“At no stage at either election did they point out their plan would involve closing the West Australian Museum as we know it for up to five years…This is really disappointing, I would have thought they would have found some alternate gallery space to keep their presence up.”