Music SoundCloud Residencies

Soundcloud Residency – Jacob Diamond Band – Matt (Keys)

1.      Lianne La Havas – Twice (Little Dragon cover)

La Havas’ voice cuts me up like a median sternotomy. In this cover it gets all the time and space it needs to glue you back up again.

2.  Baye – Tenariwen

Apparently mobile phones are often used in West Africa as data-holding devices and music is shared via Bluetooth because it’s more reliable than the internet. This track has been taken from a collection of tunes that are harvested from these phones. The collection is called ‘Music from Saharan Cellphones Vol. 1’ and it is super cool.

3.    Issac Delgado, Gente De Zona and Descemer Bueno – Bailando

Damn this song is so goddamn good and makes me wanna dance so much I’m just vibing hard it in my room atm – the piano/bass riff so sikk it makes me forget my outstanding gas/elec bills and then the hook hhhhhhhhh. Huge debts owed to the beautiful friend that introduced this to me.

4.      Arvo Pärt – Fratres for Cello and Piano

The planet is lucky to have Arvo Pärt. I keep losing his CDs so I can buy them          again and give him more money. If you like look into ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’ or ‘Für Alina’ as well, just a little more chulled out. There is a beautiful peace-inducing documentary on him, ’24 Preludes for a Fugue’, that has made me happy countless times; watch it when it’s raining gently or during some other weather in that genre. See if you can get hands on his piece ‘Miserere’, it just packs brilliance.

5.   Rejjie Snow – Olga

“What you sayin’?”

– Rejjie Snow (2013) riverrun from the Liffey to you is this track from Rejjie Snow’s 2013 EP, Rejovich. He has some serious stuff to say.

6.   Clap! Clap! – Kuj Yato

Get this magic into you. I think saw him in Bruges but not too sure; my brain was in a funk yo.

7.   Frank Ocean – We All Try

We all know Frank Ocean’s so muthafucking good but this track is exemplary. I very much dig the notion that we all try and that this is enough reason to believe in each other.

8.  Burkina Azza – unknown track name

A friend made this recording of the group Burkina Azza whilst he was in Burkina Faso.  There’s some serious vitality to this music. Insanely skilled drumming – v/ danceable. Lots of info about this recording on his website at

9.    The Internet – Ya Know

First got into this in Tassie on long bush walks. I vibe the slightly whack elements. I like how the end of this tune just skates out.

10. Rihanna, Kanye West and Paul McCartney – FourFiveSeconds

This tune was all over the FM a little while back. I adore Rihanna and a part of me misses the days when this was all over the FM. Now it’s just all over.