New Arts Minister Asked To Reverse Brandis’s Funding Cuts

Artists part of ArtsPeak and loosely associated freelancers alike have demonstrated support for Turnbull’s cabinet reshuffle which booted George Brandis from position as Minister for Arts and put Mitch Fifield in the role.

Just after the announcement of the reshuffle on Sunday, artists have come together to put it to Mr. Fifield that he ‘undo the damage’ done to arts funding at large in Australia.

The Australia Council, a major arts funding body in Australia whom work closely with the government, were elected to have almost $105M cut from their funding over four years under the discretion of Mr. Brandis.

Much to the chagrin of artists everywhere, Mr. Brandis became semi-infamous for his decision to redirect funding into a “National Programme for Excellence in the Arts,” which was effectively a curatorial body which put Mr. Brandis himself in the position of judge and critic, ultimately leaving arts funding entirely up to him.

Demonstrations today outside Mr. Turnbull’s electoral office have highlighted the arts community’s passion towards the topic.

Director of Theatre Network Australia Ms Beyer told Sydney Morning Herald reporters that The Australia Council allowed a diverse range of artists and projects to receive funding, and not just whatever the ‘minister of the day’ fancied.