Crowdsourced Carpark App Hitting Northbridge In November

Words by: Jonathon Davidson

If you’re living near the CBD and you’ve got a driveway or parking space that goes unused, you may want to pay attention. 

Brisbane’s Nick Russel, the entrepreneur behind the online carpark sharing and renting system Carparkit, has his eyes set on Perth. 

Carparkit works like this: intended for use in high-density CBDs across the nation, anybody with an empty parking place on their property can register their address and rent that parking space out to users. Neat, right? A simple and great idea which has already received its fair share of coverage.

We spoke to Jacob Collier from Northbridge who is one of the first Perth based members to register an address in anticipation of Carparkit’s western launch, set to go live in November.

Jacob lives in a sharehouse close to the centre of Perth with a few mates and has a running interest in web business himself.

Jacob says that they’ve got three unused parking spaces as it is in the Northbridge area, which is the postcode from which most WA-based interest has originated.

After speaking personally to Nick and staking it all out, Jacob signed up his address. It’s estimated that the owner of a parking space renting it out can make up to an extra $50 a week, so – times that by three, and it makes sense that he’s jumping on board early.

Trying to find a park in Northbridge has long been a well known feat of hardship and struggle – I’ve written like, three articles about it – so it’s not hard to see where big potential comes from such a compact idea.