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Souncloud Residency October: Skullcave – Liam Young (Drums)

White Flag – Ecca Vandal

Found this song a few months ago and put it on repeat for ages. Such an awesome mash of genres. I don’t really understand how ‘swag’ is distributed but I’m pretty sure EV has all of it.

Absolute Boys – Single Space

Usurper guys put me onto Absolute Boys. Awesome live band, intense guitar tones. This song is amazing, that riff just keeps fucking going.

bread, cheese, bow and arrow – future of the left

Such an interesting band, this album is weird and great. This song is a perfect example of why I listen to FOTL.

Trouble in you – Redcoats

It surprises me that redcoats aren’t more popular at the moment. Their psych stoner epic-ness is world class & will be known!

Lost and Confused – Kylesa

This new Kylesa album is great. Dual vocals get me every time. All hail the riff queen!

Negative Space – Metz

Metz know how to keep it brutal but still with a garage/rock n roll undertone that everyone can enjoy. Great live band. CANADAAAA

Vestiges – Pelican

Stand out track from the latest Pelican record. Such an important band for me, they taught me to keep it simple, open up and let the heaviness come out through the space in a song. Amazing drummer, holy shit.

Caribou – Leave House

Love Caribou. Probably always will. Such a banger. That’s it.

The War on Wisdom – Melvins

Where would I be without (the) Melvins? How can you write a song as good as this nearly 30 years after you started? What the fuck. Thank you Buzz, thank you Dale.

Mess on a Mission – Liars