Cloud Nine Music

Cloud Nine: September 2015

Words By: Our Wonderful Music Crew


EL VY – I’m The Man To Be

Sorrow might have found him when he was young, but funky indie pop seems to have found The National’s Matt Berninger in his later years. A stark departure from the melancholic masterpieces that we would expect to hear Berninger droning over, EL VY drives the vocalist’s voice in a completely new direction with the visionary help of Menomena’s Brent Knopf. “I’m The Man To Be” is the second release from the duo, EL VY continues to be unapologetically hipster, bizarre and completely groovy. I mean, what kind of a rational band would have lyrics such as “I’m peaceful because my dick’s in sunlight”. So if you’ve ever pondered what The National would sound like post-depression, maybe EL VY will answer a few questions.

Darwin Deez – Melange Mining Co.

This is a real highlight from the Double Down album that dropped a couple of weeks ago. It sees the awkward and insanely charismatic man behind Darwin Deez return back to the minimalist production, wiry guitar sound, and interesting chord structures that made his first album so groovin’. This quirky pop track has some ripper reverb-drenched blues fills and super sexy falsettos.

Fidlar – Bad Habits

Long gone are the days of Zac Carper’s drug/alcohol fueled benders, this track from FIDLAR’s latest album Too is a reminiscence of those good old days. Still punk at it’s core, but leaning towards pop rock, ‘Bad Habits’, as suggested by the title, reflects on past deeds with a more mature poignancy; “now I’m one week sober and I’m still hungover, and maybe I should take a break”. Having said that, ironically, it’s a great pump-up song for alcohol and drug fueled benders.


Tiny Little Houses – Soon We Won’t Exist

This is only the third single released from the heartbreaking little noise/folk band from Melbourne who’ve been getting a lot of J’s play for their last track Easy and I’m sure this one will be no different. Lyrically it’s insanely sad for such a happy little indie track. the 8-bit keyboard sound and real lo-fi production on it perfectly compliment the sweet, child-like vocals – really adorable stuff.

Potato Potato – Death at Lincoln Park

These guys were unearthed high finalists a few years back and as great as their name is i’m going to make the outlandish call that their swoon-worthy harmonies are even better. It’s real bluegrassy, fingerpicking/lickingly good mellow-folk, with vocals that are like a mix of Macy Gray, Laura Marling and Jesus. If you feel like chilling out and contemplating how much simpler life would be living in overalls, farming corn and listening to bands named after other equally wonderful vegetables, go check these guys out.

Waax – Holy Sick

You know those songs you blast in your ears when you need a decent bit of pumping up? ‘Holy Sick’ by Brisbane punk rock outfit Waax is one of those rebellion inducing tracks. Released a few days back on their debut EP, Waax killed it with this one. Musically the song is a hammering of bass and catchy lead lines with lyrics written at a time when frontwoman Marie Devita was feeling particularly pissed off with national raw onion eater Abbott and keyboard warriors. ‘Holy Sick’ is that song Waax will be smashing guitars to in a junk yard one day.


Erasers – Returning Home

While Erasers launched their beautiful album at The Bird only a few days ago, this one was released as a single at the end of August – but it’s definitely worth the cheat. Returning Home is a perfect example of Perth psych gone right, with beautiful vocal drones, rhythmic percussion and synths for days. You should probably (definitely) listen to this one.

Dianas – Of A Time

Dianas new self-titled album is full of great harmonies, killer surf riffs and great basslines and the first track of it ‘Of A Time’ is no exception. The dual vocals on the verse work really well with the reverb drenched guitar lead to give the song the momentum it needs to build into the epic final third. If you’re into any of things I’ve listed, be sure to check this track out!

Bikini Cops – Another Planet

Garage rock punks Bikini Cops show their general disregard for all things subtle in the opener of their new album ‘I’. The track is unrelentingly fast in its just over 2 minute run time and the superb riff matched with some frantic vocals makes this a band to make sure you check out live as soon as you can.