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Souncloud Residency October: Skullcave – Steven Turnock (Bass)

Converge- Aimless Arrow

Cant get enough of Kurt Ballou, hes the man and the guitar in the song is insane.

Black Breath- Slaves Beyond Death

Pretty hard to resist head banging to this A class riffage.

Dead in the Dirt- Will Is The War

Bit of grind in the mix, huge riff at the end.

Deafheaven- Language Games

Deafheaven were a major influence when we initially started Skullcave, taking their elements of black metal in certain sections.

Harms Way- Isolation

Brutal mix of hardcore and metal.

Code Orange- Nothing (the rat)

Best hardcore band in the world at the moment, these guys are killing it. This is my favourite song off their first album.

Mammoth Grinder- Paragon Pusher

These guys are the perfect mix of thrash and stoner, the lyrics awesome too.

All Pigs Must Die- Noxchi Assault

Ben Koller is a beast of a drummer and that iconic scream.

Whirr- Heavy

Whirr are the perfect band for every mood and the chorus in this song had me hooked on it for months after i first heard it.

Winterfylleth- A Soul Unbound

Another great black metal band with some post rock elements.