Top Picks For The 2015 Fremantle Festival

Words by: Jonathon Davidson

The Fremantle Festival kicks off on the 23rd of October and runs until 1 November 2015. As you’d expect from Australia’s longest running festival the program is jam packed. In order to avoid indecision induced panic we decided to create this handy list of ‘top picks’ for you.

Hops & Hoops

What: Little Creatures are presenting ‘Hops & Hoops,’ a basketball tournament on the roof of the MANY building in the middle of Fremantle. The day is to be permeated by live Hip-Hop, beer and barbecue.

We’d try to come up with further things to say about why we’re excited but seriously, you can shoot hoops and drink beer on the roof of the old Myer. As if you aren’t going to go.

When: 1st November, 11am – 6pm.

How much: Free.


Fibonacci Centre Open House Day 

What: The Fibbonaci Centre, a quasi-secret tucked away in Fremantle, is opening its doors to the town.

‘The Fib’ is used by a group of artists as a studio space and performance venue, and live music on the day will accompany both a mini swapmeet and a shared patronage with the Blinco Street Cafe. If you haven’t checked out The Fib then you definitely haven’t seen one of Freo’s cooler places, with the funky art to match.

When: 25th October, 8am-4pm.

How much: Free.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.13.59 pm

The 18th Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival

What: Over The Fence, a local grassroots festival showcasing local and international filmmakers, are throwing their 18th comedy film festival at Luna on SX. Fourteen different short film directors are to tour Australia after the opening weekend in Fremantle, so if you want to show support for your local screenheads, this one’s a go.

When: 30 October – 1 November.

How much: $18. Tickets available here.

And some honourable mentions:


Truckstop Food Truck Festival – Kings Square, 24 October, 12pm to 8.30pm.

Food trucks all together in one location, basically. A wide range of choice, the charming aesthetic of 4-wheeled kitchens emblazoned with advertising, the aromas clashing in the ai – cool, see you there.


2015 Fremantle Studies Day – Hilton Community Centre, 25 October 1pm to 5pm. $15.

The Fremantle History Society have arranged a set of speakers to come forth on subjects like the history of Hilton, the social history of South Beach and more fading facts of Fremantle. We can see how some people might put this as ‘Last Picks,’ but I promise you that archives are cool.