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October Soundcloud Residency -Skullcave – Jay Marriott (Guitar)

Deafheaven – Brought to the Water

Deafheaven’s previous album “Sunbather” was a huge influence on us, so their new track “Brought to the Water” has fast become one of my favourite new tracks. BTTW pushes further in their signature black-metal/shoegaze territory with gut wrenching wails over melancholy instrumental sections.

Bast – Spectres

Only starting listening to these guys in the past fortnight. Bast’s ability to swing between ambient and doom/post-metal is really moving. It’s in a similar vein to Yob or Pelican so if you’re into that kind of thing I’d definitely suggest checking them out.

Drowning Horse – The Barrow Stones

Drowning Horse are one of my favourite live acts. Unbelievable control between all out apocalyptic doom and simple but hyper-intelligent groove based palm muting. Ron from Tangled Thoughts of Leaving recorded their new album “Sheltering Sky”, which is pretty sick. It comes out on Art As Catharsis on Oct 22nd.

The Melvins – A History Of Bad Man

Easily my favourite Melvins track. All of the instrumentation on this track sounds amazing. The unrelenting power of two drummers working in unison.

Serious Beak – Red

Serious Beak are a really interesting math/prog/jazz/hardcore fusion band coming out of Sydney. It’s definitely some of the most intricate music I’ve listened to recently.

Yob – Unmask the Spectre

Got to see these guys play in Perth a couple of months back. Doom-metal at it’s most delicate and furious.

Pallbearer – The Ghost I Used To Be

We were lucky enough to see these guys play a free show in New York in 2013. Everyone in the room was standing virtually motionless save for some very slow head banging, getting surrounded in an epic wall of distortion. Truly amazing band.

Mogwai – Remurdered

Mogwai were my first real introduction to post-rock, which really changed my whole perspective on the kind of music I would listen to. I remember “Rave Tapes” was one of the only CDs my girlfriend CJ and I had in our camper van driving through the New Zealand mountains, so we pretty much had this album on repeat. Great times.

Cult of Luna – I: The Weapon

Cult of Luna are another band I’ve only started listening to recently, despite the fact that they’ve been around for around 17 years. Awesome post-metal coming out of Sweden.

The Mark of Cain – Barkhammer

“Songs Of The Third & Fifth” was another album that immediately changed the way I played guitar. You should definitely make an effort to see them when they tour to Perth in November.