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Music of the Week: Hologram Teen- Post-Apocalypteacakes / Tracksuit Minotaur

Words By: Laurent Shervington

Ex Stereolab and The Projects keyboardist Morgane Lhote has been recording as Hologram Teen since late 2013, finding a sweet spot between mesmerising electronica and sample based beats on her new double single Post Apocalypteacakes/Tracksuit Minotaur.

Morgane describes Post Apocalypteacakes as “Fabio Frizzi meets Grandmaster Flash” and you can really see what she means once the haunting synth lead carries this track in it’s danceable house groove, with an active bassline pushing the track forward. The film influence Hologram Teen adopts is juxtaposed to the dancehall effects and relentless drums, resulting in a horror disco trip of sorts, complete with a great little marimba line towards the end.

While it’s not a Monster Mash, it’s very much a graveyard smash in it’s own right.

Tracksuit Minotaur follows on from the spooky vibes with a stabbing bass line and even more haunting vocal sample that is as engrossing as it is creepy. The track teeters through heavy synth sections and dance sections before throwing a startling guitar solo and high pitched keyboard to conclude. Tracksuit Minotaur highlights Lhote’s sample obsession well, taking the disco beat and haunting chords to another level of eclectic.

You can tell Hologram Teen puts a lot of emphasis on the transitions in her music, always keeping her listener on her toes with a plethora of samples, key changes and tones to push the tracks to places you wouldn’t foresee from the previous section. This 2-side single really is no exception, if you’re by any means a fan of old school dance beats and vintage horror, this will be right up your alley.

Post Apocalypteacakes/Tracksuit Minotaur is avaliable on vinyl through the London record label Deep Distance on November 9th.