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Music of the Week: Moana – The Trilogy of The Black Monsoon

by Don G. Safrin

In the backwater swamps of A Place Called Bad, where the dirty waters of lust, heartbreak, desperation and passion meet, there’s a Wicked Queen named Moana that rules amongst the shadows of the misty marshes. On black nights of the full moon, you can her screeching like a banshee in the throes of passion, pain, or release…

But the Wicked Queen is so disarming, so alluring, so seductive in her melodic way, holding you captive with her apocalyptic visions: sometimes fiery, sometimes tender… They are stories, dreams, memories so striking in their evocation, all fairy tale beauty when not curdling into nightmare grotesque, and they are delivered with such high drama and urgent desperation, you begin to wonder where the Queen’s lines of intimidation and catharsis blur. Adding to the Seductress’ allure, is the compliment of her merry band of companions. They amplify their Seer’s sermons with the tribal force of a Troglodytean Master Race, abducted by aliens before being returned, charged with the mission to indoctrinate the masses with their messages and beam them to outer space.

But just when you think the militant ferocity of these persuasions are too sturdy to be broken, you catch a glimpse of the vulnerability within the Queen that is all too human to ignore… Giving the sense that despite all the shit, piss, vinegar and bile, there’s still a part of her soul that clings to redemption. Whether that redemption is in the form of an optimistic love that will provide a glimmer of hope in these darkest of times; or whether it’s in the reprieve of an altogether darker force consuming her with all the passion of a torrential storm, is unclear – is she keeping those cards to her chest? Or is she just as uncertain as well? One thing that is for certain though is that she’s on the path of collecting souls, with the hellhound on her tail that she’s tamed to be her friend. As soon as you hear this Wicked Queen’s song, you’re bound to be under her spell.

Curious? But of course you are. Check out “Magenta Dust”, “Cloud Mother”, “Vader” and “The Black Monsoon”. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Moana launch The Trilogy of The Black Monsoon at The Odd Fellow (9 Norfolk Street, Fremantle) on Saturday night. Doors open at 8pm.