Rotunda Doesn’t Believe In Selling Out – Remember That McDonald’s Article Though?

We feel like it’s time to have a look back at the last fourteen months that have been Rotunda Media so far, and reflect on all the warm fuzzies that the experience of passionate volunteering has brought our writers and editors.

Many people ask us, “what sets you guys apart?”

Rotunda is completely not for profit and run entirely by everyday students in Perth. We’ve never made money from an article – in fact, we lose money on domain registration. But we don’t care. We’ve received so much positive attention from the community to look back on.

Positive like our review for McDonald’s burgers.


Ah, yes. It is with nothing but absolute passion and pride that we go on connecting with local organisations doing good, providing high quality content on local arts and music culture, interviewing local influential characters or even producing investigative articles – all without the complicating factor of money. 

And who can forget that time we reviewed McDonald’s’ Create Your Taste menu? An outstanding experience for us all. Sincerely impressive. It was really something else unique. Five stars.

Here’s an excerpt:

Pictured: Pure incorruptible integrity
                                                            Pictured: Pure, incorruptible integrity.

By now, you can see that we truly are free from the complications of money. Free from the complications of money, and enlightened by the delicious tang of McDonalds tender caramelized onions lingering on our lips.

But we’ve got to be honest – we won’t say no to donations, the same way we won’t say no to promotional invitations from kind and hard working Restaurants.  But we firmly believe in taking a stand against exploitative corporate advertising. Rotunda will never debase itself for the will of a conglomerate in exchange for money.

And we’d never do it for free.

We are simply more interested in writing honest reviews of honest food for honest people. Honest like McDonald’s create your taste range, featuring gourmet ingredients available until 10.30pm.

So please, if you are coming to us to use us for your own gains, turn back now. We will accept donations but we will not question our integrity. This what sets us apart from other publications – we aren’t caught up in a rat race, because we don’t race.

We are doing fine without money. Here’s to another fourteen months.

Are you a McDonald’s representative? Please email rotunda.media@gmail.com to discuss further advertising opportunities. We’re lovin’ it!™