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SoundCloud Residency October: Skullcave’s Top Local Picks

Forstora – Buried Under Stone
Forstora are one of our favourite Perth bands. Such challenging musicianship. This was the first song off their recent album that I heard, so brutal live.

Mt. Mountain – The Villain
Mt. Mountain are a bunch of lads making the best heavy psych in Perth. Nice grooves with thick heavy tones and lots of tremolo. Like if Jim Morrison fronted the Black Angels or something.

Foam – Harmless
Long time mates Foam put out a stellar EP this year, this is my favourite off it. Shows their cuddly sad side. I think it’s their best side.

HYLA – Fever Calls Late
Forgive me for labelling but these guys are the best shoe-gaze band in Perth. Great dudes, great players, great tones.

Usurper Of Modern Medicine – A Jam For The Dying Sun
My favourite song from these guys off their trippy as fuck album. Super cool and interesting melodies over spacey jams and nice production. What else do you want?

Foxes – Post Utopia
So proud of these guys for finally releasing this beast. It showcases their musicianship at it’s peak. This song is fucked. So heavy, much groove. Epic production by legend Ron Pollard.

Race To Your Face – The Amazon Has Low Esteem
This band could be fucking huge, not enough people know about RTYF. It pisses me off. Watching them play live is crazy. Never have I heard/seen such tasty tapping and looping.

Foam – Places To Go
Foam are definitely my favourite band in Perth. We’ve done so many shows with these dudes over the years but I never tire of their music. Joel’s vocals are at his most dry, bored and miserable on this track and it really hits home for me. These guys will be playing our EP launch in October, which is dope…

Pat Chow – Pleasure Unit
This track is Pat Chow at their best. Classic late 80’s influenced Australian grunge. Has the killer line “I’m so tired of being lazy”, which I think sums up a large part of playing in bands in Perth.

Shit Narnia – Claremont Boy
“Claremont Boy is drinkin swan, he’s outside smoking darts…” Shit Narnia’s “Welcome to New LA” is the musical equivalent of being hungover and standing in line at Centrelink for 6 hours waiting for your dole payment. Great band. Even better band name.