Rotunda’s Picks for WAM Festival

Words By: Our Wonderful Music Crew

Laurent’s Picks:
The Pissedcolas @ The Bird 3 – 3:30pm
Coming off the expansive new 12′ ‘Glue Gun’ and some great support shows this year (Boris, Skullcave) The Pissedcolas and are yet to disappoint live. Unmissable if you’re into heavy, bass driven and doom-y stuff.

Good Company DJs @ Ezra Pound 5:30 – 7pm
Damn it’s been a great year for Good Company Records. From killer launch parties (Hugo Gerani) to stellar sets between bands at gigs, Good Company has established itself as Perth’s leading dance label for this reviewer. Stroll down to Ezra Pound to get some early night dancing in before the later acts.

Little Skye @ Flyrite 12 – 12:30pm

What better way to start off your Saturday Spectacular then to see local alt-rock up-and-comers Little Skye? Catch their wistful tunes at noon sharp at Flyrite, happy WAM Fest people!

Sam’s Picks:
The Floors @ The Boston 11:30-12:00
If you’re gonna do the Saturday Spectacular, you’re gonna need something to perk you up, vibe you with all the power of methamphetamine without the comedown. And if anyone’s gonna get you more excited than Jesse Pin
kman in a Walter White meth lab, then it’s those bad-ass mofos from The Floors. I promise you they’re like a shot of pure adrenalin to the heart. (PSA: don’t smoke crack kids)

Flooded Palace @ Universal Bar 1:20-1:50
An excellent way to ease yourself into the afternoon’s festivities, and these guys are the perfect band to pace yourself to. But don’t mistake their evocative songs for being folky country mush, ‘cos they’re gonna creep up inside you, and wrap themselves right around your heart, while their pile-driving rhythm roots you to the spot like a deer in the headlights.

Jake’s Picks
Hip Priest @ The Bird 7:10 – 7:40pm
These dudes always play a killer show with loose stage antics and sound like cloud nothing’s and weezer had a glorious little love child. One time they did a ghost busters cover called ghost bogger about phantom poos. Mixing nostalgia and faeces generally isn’t a good idea but by divine miracle these men have come together and done so. Check that shit out.

The Drools @ Jimmy’s Den  4 – 4:30pm
Mean, bluesy alt-rock. Sweet vocals, dribble inducing licks and what I would describe as some of the sexiest drumming in town. Seriously, it’s ridiculous bring a bib.

Drew’s Picks:
FOAM, 11:30 – 12pm @ Jimmy’s Den:
With their most recent release The Feeling is Mutual, FOAM have evolved from their Grunge origins of ‘Run Kon Koma’ into a wonderfully chaotic, scungy Noise Punk trio reminiscent of bands with the intensity o
f Scratch Acid, the ambition of Shellac and the master weirdness of Pavement. Not to be missed if you are keen for an intense, intelligent sweat.

Verge Collection, 5:30 – 6pm @ The Bird
Tongue in cheek, wonderfully subtle, and refreshing, Verge Collection are a band you can enjoy while simultaneously having an existential crisis. Backed behind brilliantly written tunes, great vibes and quality musicianship, come on down to the Bird to be broken down and built back up as a slightly better person.

Indi’s Picks:
HYLA, 3:50-4:20pm @ The Bird
With a new video release and finally gigging in Perth again, HYLA will be gracing the Bird with their reflective, reverb-drenched pop tunes. Controversial as it is to choose favourites, these guys are (in my opinion) the b
est of Perth’s latest psych wave, and definitely not to be missed.

Childsaint, 5:50-6:20pm @ FLYRITE
This year’s Flyrite stage is absolutely drenched in ambient lady folk-rock*, and Childsaint fit into this criteria perfectly. Their building, bass driven jams and seemingly effortless vocal harmonies create a captivating soundscape thats not quite Warpaint, not quite Beach House, but somewhere in between.

Anthony’s Picks:
GRRL PAL, 7:10-7:40 @ Block Party
GRRL PAL is a dream-pop duo that’s an absolute must-see if you’re a fan of Grimes, with vocalist Jay Le Kat’s heavenly tones floating beautifully over producer Danny K’s enthralling and at times glitchy ‘bedroom-pop’ beats. While their recorded material sounds chilled, serene and dreamy, Le Kat’s charismatic nature brings a whole new dimension and wild nature to this in their live performances.

Methyl Ethel, 9:20-10 @ Block Party
Established as a side project by guitarist Jake Webb, Methyl Ethel has had a huge 2015, supporting huge bands like San Cisco, and dropping the album Oh Inhuman Spectacle in June. Methyl Ethel is a group rapidly rising to national prominence, and Webb’s beautifully melodic and dreamy guitar hooks are definitely something you’d be missing out on.