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WAM Interview Quickies: Ben Witt

Words By: Laurent Shervington

Singer-songwriter Ben Witt has had quite a 2015, releasing ‘AUDIO_ILLOGICAL BACKYARD DOG’ to much acclaim and playing some excellent live sets around Perth. Having been nominated for Best Guitarist in this year’s WAM Awards shows that Ben’s instrumental prowess is finally getting recognition, and rightly so. We asked him a few questions about WAM and he delivered.


What does WAM mean to you? 

The work they do taking music into regional areas is really great. WA is more than Perth. To be honest, WAM doesn’t really enter my mind until this time of the year but I see the festival and celebration of WA music as a middle finger to all the whiney, cultural cringing, non-contributing, i-phone eyed TV heads. Within the music community I’ve heard criticism for some omissions & lack of representation for  this or that, I can dig that, but if your just gonna circle jerk with your weeping mates then your’re just white noise. Get involved in the process or send them an email and say “hey, I think it’d be great if this … was represented..” I do think music awards are always great for the lolz however, the concept and the fruition of them.

What do you think it means to be a West Australian based artist, as opposed to the Eastern States?

I think it means you have to answer this question in almost every interview you do. 🙂

How have you seen the Perth music scene change/evolve, particularly in the past year?

A few new venues have opened up which is cool. Particularly because they have filled some voids in relation to capacities.

Who are your must see bands for this weekend’s shows?

Methyl Ethel // Kucka // Erasers // Love Junkies

Who’s your bet to win Best Album? Most popular Perth Venue?

Tame Impala / Bird

Do you think Kevin Parker is still the undisputed ‘King of Perth’?

Dolphins were found to be incessant talkers, even talking in their sleep. Study suggested that they were constantly talking about status. Who is the top dog etc. Rooting for pleasure isn’t the only thing dolphins have in common with humans.

What do you see in the future of the ‘Perth scene’? Do you see bands like your own being given more opportunities to expose their art?

Internet // RTRfm // Venues // All targets for one’s sonic graffiti.