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Soundcloud Residency November: Pat Chow

Intro By: Laurent Shervington, List By: Pat Chow Band

Local Grunge/Garage rock boys Pat Chow are heading on tour in support of their debut ‘ Are You Okay’, a record perfecting the sound they’ve been crafting in the last few years since their conception. In preparation for such a tour, the Chow gave us 10 of their favourite songs from the bands supporting them this tour, be sure to check them out!

The Limbs – Flatline

The first taste off the upcoming Limbs EP just seems to effortlessly glide along on a bouncy groove, exploring vast textures along the way. Lots of love for these guys!

Dream Rimmy – Pacific Rim

I know I said The Limbs track glides, but this one reaaaaaallly glides… like a plane, or more appropriately a
glider. Hypnotic stuff with great harmonies goin’ on.

The Ocean Party – Guess Work

The origins of Pat Chow start with the Ocean Party, which is a blessing for they truly are gems. The chorus hook really pulls you in on Guess Work and keeps you singing for days.

FOAM – Four Men Enter a Room

FOAM are great m8’s of ours and always smash it out of the park at gigs. What a smashing riff this one’s got! Magical.

Verge Collection – Charles Street

A hymn to gettin’ blazed in the 6006… what’s not to like?

Chores – Yeah Nah

More like just YEAH! Great fuzz song

Jurassic Nark – Elsternwick

Skate park anthem for a generation. Album should be called Jurrasic Hurled

Charlie Monsoon – No Plan Now

Chazza Mazza pulling out some glorious guitar on No Plan Now. Sebedoh would be proud of this one!

Goon Wizarrd – Specpterodacular

This song lives up to its fantastic Artist Name: Track Name combo, delivering a great slow build and climax. Spellbinding!

Release the Hounds – Clive

These guys put on a great show when we played with them in Canberra. Clive’s a great party starter.

Pat Chow will be playing the following live dates:

Nov 8 – The Newport, Fremantle
Nov 11 – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
Nov 12 – Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney
Nov 13 – The Old Bar, Melbourne
Nov 14 – The Metro, Adelaide
Nov 21 – Ampliifer, Perth
Nov 26 – Prince Of Wales, Bunbury
Nov 27 – Riverside Hotel, Northam

Also check out their debut ‘Are You Okay’ here