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WAM Interview Quickies: Hip Priest (Axel)

Words By: Laurent Shervington, Answers By: Axel Carrington

RE Store connoisseurs and new kids on the block Hip Priest have had quite an incredible year so far, playing some tight sets around Perth as well as releasing ‘Alone a k/Friends’ which is pretty frikken solid for a so-called demo album. While not being as inspired by Mark E Smith as their name suggests, the Priest have hit a sweet spot in their style of Pavement/Weezer inspired indie rock. We sent the guys some quick questions ahead of their WAM show at The Bird today, they’re on at 7.10pm be sure to check them out!

What does WAM mean to you?

An agreeable acronym, but more than this, a true supporter of all things good and pure and all things good and impure in this great Western land’s musical output. A beacon of light in the darkest night.

What do you think it means to be a West Australian based artist, as opposed to the Eastern States?

Geographically, we are of course naturally opposed to all the eastern states. I guess the sense of place you gain from the feeling of isolation and having to prove yourself across essentially meaningless borders give us all a sense of purpose – that is, stick it up their fucking arses, to quote a phrase.

How have you seen the Perth music scene change/evolve, particularly in the past year?

Like Pikachu being given a Thunder Stone before it, Perth garners bigger and better stats, with more great bands and more great places to ply the trade. Like Raichu before it however, you do have to search high and low for new moves, but when you find the proverbial Hyper Beam TM (like seeing Shit Narnia, Cold Meat or Drowning Horse for the first time), it’s transcendent.

Who are your must see bands for this weekend’s shows?

Aw mate. Pissedcolas have that great chili(e) flavour, Pat Chow are absolutely the greatest in town, Skullcave have a guitar sound that will make you believe in stereo outputs and Erasers will leave you weightless and breathless.

Who’s your bet to win Best Album? Most popular Perth Venue?

Purple Rain? (Oh, Inhuman Spectacle) First Avenue, Minneapolis? (Rosemount is still tops)

Do you think Kevin Parker is still the undisputed ‘King of Perth’?

What does that even mean? Is Currents a tribute to the overriding power of a monarchy? If anybody’s going to be the King of Perth (TM), it’s gotta be Basil Zempalis, courtsey of T.Fiddy and Matty.

What do you see in the future of the ‘Perth scene’? Do you see bands like your own being given more opportunities to expose their art?

I’m all for exposing myself, particularly if it’s for art. The great thing about Perf right now is that all genres get a look in, mostly at the same time: I won’t get tired of seeing stuff like Laurel Fixation, Pool Boy and Dream Rimmy on the same bill. It’s just a good ol’ time to be alive, and a good ol’ time to be mucking about the scene – I feel that everything is given an opportunity and has the chance to be recognized and adored.