Moana Video Premiere: Vader

Words by: Sam Farringdon

Once upon a darkest dawn, as a golden orb moon began it’s slinky descent into the new day, a star shoots across a desert sky – it’s tail a streak of metallic flash, giving shadowy shape to the erect figures standing like shoulders in the sand. The star speeds out of sight, reckless in it’s abandon, gulched by the glittering cobalt of an icy morn.

And everything was peaceful and everything was right… save for the distant rumble rolling on the horizon. It’s a sound that disrupts the silent harmony of the desert creatures: the lizards and the snakes, the mice and the wallabies, the mantis and the spider… all suddenly frozen by fear and fascination at the dull vibrations gently rocking the landscape.

As the sky lifts it’s tone and the sun begins to seep like a slow bleed upon the land and exposing the secrets of the night.  a hurtling hunk of glittering gold rolls thunder on the horizon. From a distance it’s form seems otherworldly, and it’s ominous spectre and high pitched roar is enough to send the desert creatures sliding and scuttling to retreat.

As the daylight shuffles off the dawn, with the wind gently whipping the sand, the hurtling hunk gains focus as a recognisable machine – a golden sedan, tearing toward the erect, rocky figures at a speed that would even make Lucifer’s bats blush. Commandeering the wheel is a creature of fantastic allure… a creature of  supple frame and figure, draped in Hollywood Oscar gold… whose cheekbones are high and whose face is framed by an untamed wave of dark hair, matched by eyes that evoke a wild darkness… It is clear that this being is woman, but with what is she possessed to send her screaming across the desert like Jezebel on the run?

Have you ever been so impressed with something that you wanted people to latch onto it, to share the same passion and enthusiasm that you have for it? We’re always telling friends “oh, you should see this!” and “listen to this!” knowing full well that unless we strap them to a chair and force feed them, they’re unlikely to pursue that piece you deem worthy of wider exposure. But I mean there’s no greater gift to share than art, right? And if it’s hard enough to get your friends to engage with it, how do you coax complete strangers?

Maybe I’ve embarrassed myself, but that’s ok, I’ll cop that, because I honestly believe in the greatness of this video and want people to share the same passion and enthusiasm that I have for it. Ladies & Gentlemen this is ART on the grandest scale. This isn’t just another video to dismiss in your Facebook feed. This is surreal science fiction sensuality, it is a dusty desert dreamscape of desperation, it’s a nightmare to thrill you, arouse you, haunt you. It stands not just as one of the best videos to come out of our sleepy little death toll ever, but one of the greatest works of art produced in this state – hell, if I was curating the state gallery, I’d be showing this on a wall of it’s own.

So who cares if being earnest and wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t cool, cos why shouldn’t I toot bugles and turn the corn flakes to confetti to celebrate one of the greatest artistic triumphs of the year.

Congratulations Moana. Congratulations Via Luna Pictures. May you strike awe in the hearts and minds of many as you have my own.