Sully ‘Wonderboy (A Christmas Carol)’ Video Launch

Based around waltzing acoustic guitars and elegantly wistful vocals, Perth indie four-piece Sully have produced their most beautiful song to date in Wonderboy (A Christmas Carol) –a musical homage to singer Andy’s Snelling’s grandfather. Accompanying the song and its almost melancholic sentimentality is a video clip of Super 8 footage discovered in Andy’s garage, shot by his grandfather decades prior.

Footage of smiling people on sunny days that somehow adds an eerie beauty to a song heightened with emotion and brimming with yearning.

Wonderboy (A Christmas Carol) is the B-side to Sully’s 2015 debut single, Into The Breach, though it unarguably could have been the A-side itself. Stripped-back to just acoustic guitars and vocals, the simple, vivid lyrics and the delicate, flowing melodies are as powerful as anything the band has written. Just as Into The Breach succeeded in showing the band’s dynamics at full volume, Wonderboy (A Christmas Carol) is the band proving that less can indeed be more.