Delay Delay ‘Without Love’ Video Launch

By: Meg Lack

Delay Delay’s new video for their track ‘without love’ is psychedelic, captivating and makes you want to dance with your eyes closed and your arms flailing while the summer breeze flickers through your hair – all while staying impressively low budget and, dare we use the term: ‘avant-garde.’

The two-piece from Perth use homemade clips of the ocean and mix in some rad colours from an old school visualizer to create an almost meditative vibe and the inability to overt ones gaze from the screen. The viewer is lost in the colourful haze that is the introduction of the piece; lost in the waves of the ocean as the tracks beautifully played melody sooth their ears. As the song progresses the video switches to an even more mind-altering shot; an on-going roll of space, littered with jittering white shapes and bright lights. Two verses of vocals blend well with the fuzzy guitar and soft percussion. The final moments of the video will leave you wanting more of Delay Delays enticing sound. For those lovers of anything that is strangely haunting, mysterious or just looking for a soundtrack to your star gazing hobby, then ‘without love’ will fulfil all your music needs and then some. Just like the band asks in their YouTube link for the video, I would recommend to ‘Listen with the lights out and some headphones pls’.