Review: Sly Withers ‘I’m Fine’

Words by: Mark Molyneux

‘I’m Fine’ is the debut single from the local Perth band Sly Withers.

The track opens with hollow snare hits that are punctuated by a slacker of a guitar line. Immediately it is apparent this is the sound of youth; whereby there is a heavy dose of sarcasm to every line and a curled upper lip with each delivery from their lead singer. ‘I don’t really care about your shitty covers, or your shitty mothers’.

The chorus then hits on a wave of energy and it morphs itself into one of those songs that you’d find yourself drunkenly shouting along to with your friends in some dark and seedy club, where the walls are draped in sweat and excitement. A place where you’ve had more than a few too many of your favourite drink and you’re jumping about playing the game of, ‘make up your own words to the song that is playing, and shout them out at the top of your lungs’. It is pure innocuous fun.

It is the sound of a young garage band that is still indebted to the past masters, more than a few eyes being made at 1990’s grunge bands that inform most of their sound. But it is also a band that knows its way around a hook and is a bit partial to the Top 40 charts, even though they might never admit as much to anyone.

The track comes to an end amongst a rain of cymbals, chugging guitar lines and the singer maintaining ‘I’m fine, don’t you worry’. It’s a fair statement and one you’d tend to agree with, even though you may be a little drunk and worse for wear.