Review: The Monarch x Jinks – Slept On

Reviewed by: Jordan Murray

I fret about the commodification of trap, notable among producers keen to attach half-rendered ‘bangers’ with hard 808s at the expense of true ambition (Messrs. Hudson Mohawke and RUSTIE being prime offenders).

“Slept On” does little to quell those fears, although to be fair, at worst I am left ambivalent about the track, but not necessarily dismissive. This is despite the track’s nod towards the influence of Palomo and Boucher in its production techniques. Technically, it’s not unimpressive, managing to wrap pop melodies in better production techniques than the ‘trap’ pejorative would lead you to believe. However, the dynamic created between Jinks and The Monarch’s vocals do not prove cohesive with the clichĂ©d trap elements that provide crutches for the track, especially as they seem eager to invoke descriptors like ‘ethereal’ or ‘otherworldly’.

Don’t read this as me being needlessly harsh, though. It’s hardly a slight against the merit of these musicians, who don’t deliver the pretense to be judged for not being inventive enough, but it’s disappointing when this spare piece of pop music relies on unnecessary trap techniques. At worst, “Slept On” leaves me ambivalent, a promising exhibition for The Monarch’s production when not marred in typical sounds.