VIDEO LAUNCH: Filthy Apes – Reservoir Dogs

Words by: Beth Commons

It makes sense that Filthy Apes would make a film clip to accompany their single Reservoir Dogsthat is a drastically summarised rendition of the actual Quentin Tarantino film also entitled Reservoir Dogs. That makes sense.

The main difference with this rendition is that the band are wearing ape masks. Also the entire film is just under three minutes long. Its actually remarkable that these guys have managed to recreate Reservoir Dogs (but with ape masks, so its different) and make it look on par with the original films budget. Thats amazing stuff. Theyve even employed a fake ear for the ear scene. It looks real as! Nice one!

Reservoir Dogs (the song) is a gritty and high energy lil number, and placing it alongside something so classically cult is risky business, but theyve put lots of effort into this film and the final product is a good-looking, mighty fun romp. With classic shots such as the running with the suitcasescene and the Reservoir Dogs walking abreastscene you cant really go wrong. Its all been laid out already, Filthy Apes just had to stick their ape hands into the cine-lucky dip and whatever they got would have been just fine. They made it their own. As much as you can.

The production is flawless. The overall look of the film is pleasant. This is fun. This is a fun thing to spend three minutes watching. Theres music and ape masks.