Rotunda Recommends – December 2015

Curated by: Emily Schofield-Cox

Oh man, it’s December: the month of too much food, too little alone time and a whole CD’s worth of Aussie Christmas Carols (hell on earth). It’s the month that you get to slowly drink yourself into a stupor as you listen to great aunts and creepy uncles alike ask you what you’re going to do with your life and when you’re going to get a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other/blow-up doll to cuddle at night. Joy!

But December is also a month of some really cool things to see, listen to and do. If you’re used to finding out about sweet stuff to do around the Christmas period that isn’t covered in green and red tinsel around the time you break your New Year’s resolutions (so, January 2nd) then we have you covered, tiny friend.


  • Sisters

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the epitome of friendship dreams and are the funniest people ever and I love them. They are reuniting for a movie called Sisters that is out on the same day as Star Wars (may the force be with you, girls) and the trailer is iffy but it could be really great, and is definitely worth a look.

If you’re looking for some top shelf fun and a few laughs with some home-grown, undiscovered (possibly great, possibly terrible) comedians, then head to Freo on a Thursday night and hit up the Sail and Anchor. We all shudder when we hear “open mic” but watching 12 strangers take to the strange and swim or drown is pretty fun and well worth it for a midweek break.


  • Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

MAAAAATE. It’s here: December 18th. It’s going to be great (I HOPE) and not ruin any of your childhood memories (PLEASE) and take the storyline in a really cool place (DON’T FUCK WITH ME, DISNEY). Either way, this is a really cool thing and there are so many awesome people in it and throwbacks to the originals. Fingers crossed it is fantastic and all of the fanboys online can rest easy.

  • International TV Show: Jessica Jones

Released just recently on Netflix, this is a furthering of the Marvel Universe with the introduction of Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter). Watch this, catch up on Daredevil and look forward to Nick Cage: Netflix is teaming up with Marvel to give all of the Defenders a background series before uniting them to be a much more interesting group of outsiders to rival the cookie cutter Avengers.


  • Movie: Room 

The book Room fucked me up, man. It was amazing and sad in equal measures. It is so amazing. It tells the story of a woman who is kidnapped young, raped, and becomes a mother to a son by her assailant. And it did all this from the perspective of a young child who thought that the whole world was he and his mother in a tiny room. Now it is being made into a movie and is showing at Luna Cinemas; it is very worth a watch.

Produced by an all-new youth based theatre company in Perth, this play — debuting at the Fringe Festival — promises to be a highly interesting look at Australia and its relationship with the debate on marriage equality. If you want to know more about it before you check it out, be sure to read Rotunda’s feature on its innovative young creator.

  • My Life, My Place 

Vic Park is holding a really interesting community-based event called My Life, My Place that will highlight the stories of eight different locals. They are all shot by Andy McGregor and promise to be pretty interesting. There are a lot of quiet achievers in Perth’s community, young and old, who are making a real difference in the wider community through small and determined movements.

Social Conscience:

  • Art: End Of by Aimee Jones

Perth and its surrounds have some pretty amazing natural landscape that often goes ignored. If you want to be reminded of what Perth has to offer without actually trekking it out into nature, then have a look at Aimee Jones’ art show End Of. It’s opening at Kidogo Art House on the 4th of the month so be sure to give it a look in among getting drunk and telling your boss how you really feel at shitty office Christmas parties.

Credit: Slinkachu
                                                                                    Credit: Slinkachu

Do you ever feel like a really small person in a big place? Would it make you feel better to see even tinier people in a big place? Hell yeah. This London based Instagram artist is killing it with tiny statues in very big places. It’s somehow calming, and super cute, and may even stop you from throwing a punch at Christmas lunch (no promises).

If you liked Lena Dunham’s podcast Women of the Hour but got sick of hearing Lena Dunham’s voice (we’ve all been there) then maybe check this podcast out. It’s about women who are doing extraordinary things (aka women who will make you feel inadequate but whom you will admire regardless). Yay to people who are better than us!

  • Short film: Kylie

The Kardashia-Jenner clan is pretty highly contentious and although many of you probably just sneered in disgust at my mentioning them, they are a product and a question of the times. In this short film, you are made to really question the actions of society and yourself in demeaning and judging an 18 year old who you don’t know. It’s an interesting antidote to the constant stream of vitriol against them and an interesting concept to consider.

And just because we love you, be sure to check out Light Up Leederville Carnival on the 6th and have a quick look at our music section for everything music coming up in December.