Review: ‘Birthday Card’ by Chet Faker and Marcus Marr

Words by: Mark Molyneux

Chet Faker and Marcus Marr have released a second single entitled ‘Birthday Card’ from their forthcoming release which is a dark electro gem.

The duo, who are made up of Australian, electronic soul singer Chet Faker and producer Marcus Marr have dropped the track from their collaborative Work EP which is due out on the fourth of December.

The EP marks Faker’s first official release since his chilled out debut album Built on Glass in 2014. The sludgy textures are a departure from his usually airy production, but the new direction suits him and his voice well.

The track begins with electro drums and a chunky bass line that bounces along in a murky mess. Faker finally comes in on the offbeat while stating ‘I want to be something, I want to feel your heart.’ The ominous bass line then drops back in while a constant clattering beat taps away in the background.

Faker rattles off a long list of his desires, which are yet to be fulfilled. The confusion cuts into his voice as he sounds thoroughly lost. ‘I don’t know what I like, but I like what I know. But I know so little, all I know is from being alone.’

The track builds into an eight minute neo dance track, with a funky and futuristic soundscape that is held up by the prominent bass line. A nocturnal sound that would perfectly soundtrack a small and dimly lit corridor inside a nightclub on the outskirts of the city. The walls reverberating from the thump of the bass, but it all sounds so distorted away from the dancefloor that it feels like you’re caught up in some weird dream.

An echoed section only heightens this feeling of slipping into a dream when Faker’s voice trails off into almost obscurity and swirls of synths take over. When the bass exits and the swirling atmospherics begin, you crave the crunching bass line to kick back in again and carry the song on all the way to the end, which it eventually does.

It is a slice of nocturnal electro pop at its finest that bodes well for the full release later this week.