Review: ‘Ashes’ by Mat Cammarano

Words by: Mark Molyneux

Perth local Mat Cammarano has released a dreamy new single entitled ‘Ashes’ which blends together various influences into a hypnotic track that is perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.

The producer and engineer, who has worked with such local stalwarts as Andy Lawson and Laurie McCallum, has also recently started up his own business with a mobile studio called Milkman Recordings.

The track, which was recorded and mixed by Andy Lawson, begins in a hazy stream of finger clicks and a rolling drum beat. Cammarano’s vocals floating by like a vaguely remembered dream. The steady thud of the bass, which helps drive the track forward, then comes to a momentary halt in the chorus as he declares ‘ashes, ashes, we all fall down’, before the sharp snare ushers in another woozy repeat of the line.

Much like his previous single ‘Bloodlines’, the new single shares the same dreamy vocals and precise drum beats. However, ‘Ashes’ ventures out into new territory with a stuttering guitar line entering into the mix that gives it that extra bit of bite.

‘Ashes’ is a catchy single that combines light electronic production with bluesy influences and an impressive ear for melody. It slips into a groove and refuses to come out of it until the final waves of his voice vanishes off into silence.

Listen to the track below: