Your Weekend Sorted 11.12 – 13.12

Curated by: Smoko Henderson


~Open Studio Night / Summer Night Markets @ Paper Mountain, Northbridge~

Ever wondered what they actually do at Paper Mountain? Tonight’s your night to find out, as well as grab some past works. Open studio to all plus some stellar activities. There is a light sprinkling of children predicted in the event forecast, so save the wine for Hypergamy.

~WANMA Emerging Composers Performance @ State Library of Western Australia~

Classical music deserves to be more than a post-irony niche, but being 2015, sif we’re gonna pretend that ambient sound isn’t just as praise worthy. So come see the two get worked together. Free performance at 1pm near the cultural centre, great if you’re an unemployed daydreamer. “Daydreamer.” See you there.


~HYPERGAMY @ Studio281, Maylands~

A part exhibition part live performance part we’ll-see-when-we-get-there, HYPERGAMY promises an exploration into sexual depravity, advertising itself as a ‘showing of hyper-eroticism,’ the elegance and brutality of mark making (preeeetty sure they mean cum) and a conversation about sensuality and depravity. Five artists, and the internal fire that connects us all. This one might end up in local history.

~Students For Refugees And Refugee Rights Action Network: Freedom, Friendship & Falafel @ Kings Park~

Come along and show your support for a good cause, not only because being on the right side of history is important, but also because falafel tastes way better than sausage sizzles anyway.

Sausage sizzle is what you give your son to make him associate being fed with the hardware at Bunnings so he grows up to build houses. Maybe I shouldn’t be using this issue as a platform to discuss sausage sizzle class warfare and indoctrination but I refuse to be subjugated to a system wherein I am fed upon my happy arrival at a manual labour supplies warehouse. It’s just a rolled up tube of scrap pig meat put onto a depressing piece of bread with sauce, anyway. That’s actually worse than your wife leaving you last night’s frozen leftovers in the sink to thaw and finish off in the microwave while she’s out on that trip with her yoga guru who asks her to wear the revealing pants.

Man I could go for a kebab.


~Artists Painting In Speed-Races Against Each Other @ The Good Shepherd~

So like, that isn’t what the event is actually called, but ‘preliminary final’ sounded vague and kind of like a sports thing, and I hate sports unless girls are watching, so I just described what’s happening instead. Three local artists race off to music and beats-between-music. Entry $8 before 10pm.

~Lilac, Peter Bibby, Cool Band & Dream Rimmy @ Mojo’s~

As if you need the blurb. It all starts rolling at 6pm. Entry $10