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REVIEW: Aborted Tortoise, The Spunloves, Dream Rimmy @ The Bird

Reviewed by: Jack Smith

Wednesday night saw The Bird host volume 5 of the mid-week music event ‘Leftover Lovers’. The indie-pop lineup included the creators of the night; The Spunloves, with support from the happy punks who call themselves Aborted Tortoise and dream pop group Dream Rimmy.

Starting off the night, surfey/skatey garage band Aborted Tortoise serenaded the crowd with their trademark faux-angry, incoherent, punk rock. Paradoxically, seemingly apathetic and still giving it his all, through effortless and careless enjoyment, the lead singer breathed and screamed out his lyrics whilst bobbing around the stage driving the set through kinetic energy. Treating us to two songs about bees and one song about TV sets (or was it TV sex?), depth of lyricism probably isn’t their strongest skill-set but they’re a lot of fun and nothing if not entertaining.

Taking the middle set slot, and playing their last show of the year, the perpetual music-making-motion-machines The Spunloves took to the stage to cheers and jovial jeers. Their sound is the perfect personification of optimistic garage blues and reverb pop, melodically they are clean without being boring and messy without being chaotic. What really makes them a great band though is the chemistry between the two frontmen, the super-symmetry and synchronicity shows especially during their more anthemic tunes. Their recent single ‘Tall Tale Blues’ was probably the best example of this and a crowd favourite. Their forthcoming release ‘Vomiting Up Flowers’ should come with a warning that the song will burrow into your brain and refuse to leave long after the final chord is played, but I doubt you’ll be complaining.

Rounding off the night, the eclectic six-piece, electro-pop band Dream Rimmy floated on stage. As a slightly mellower, downbeat group they were a bit of a change of pace for the night. Dream Rimmy are a little bit avant-garde and experimental, but undeniably talented and mellifluous. Utilising echo-y vocals and heavy distortion, they played to an entranced crowd, swooning and swaying to the beats. Their melancholic, psychedelic tracks feature on their eponymously-titled EP and it definitely deserves a listen, or better yet catch them live whenever and wherever that may be, seriously it doesn’t matter when or where, be there.