REVIEW: Last HERD of 2015 @ The Good Shepherd

Words by: Samantha Chemuduri

At the start of the night an apprehensive smile toyed at my lips. As my feet dragged along the alleyway that housed the Good Shepherd, on the way to their final HERD show of the year, I couldn’t stop the multitude of thoughts that fluttered around in my head. Is the music going to be shit? Would my friends bail on me? Do I even know what I’m doing? However, as my feet once again padded down the same alleyway later that night, taking me further and further away from the venue – the smile that stretched across my lips was one of contentment.  

Walking into the Good Shepherd that night, I had no real expectations of the music. I decided against listening to them prior, I wanted to be pleasantly surprised like when you decide to go to a random restaurant and it ends up being one of your new favorites. The first to kick off the night was Pat Chow’s very own Ben, also known as Big Jesus. Seeing as my friends were nowhere to be seen, I awkwardly bopped my head along to his lyrics in a dark corner of the room whilst admiring the timbre in his voice. Big Jesus was simply just a man with a guitar, and that was all he needed to get my attention. After listening to a few songs about the toils of relationships, I decided I had stood by myself for much too long and made my way over to a few patrons to ask them what they thought of the set. As I got the pleasantries out of the way, we proceeded to discuss that there was something odd about his voice, but in the nicest in way possible. My new friend then went on to say that Big Jesus made her want to stretch out both of her arms and rake her hands through his beard.  

As Big Jesus finished his set, my friends rounded the corner and we waited for the next band to start. And we continued to wait because the next band never actually went on to play. Instead, Big Jesus had taken the stage again, which no one had any qualms about. Going into his first song of his second set, titled ‘No Strings,’ Big Jesus proceeded to break a string – proving he’s really got no strings (ha… ha…). Regardless, he played another excellent set.

The next band, The Methamphetaqueens, had a similar sound to the band in Scott Pilgrim – Sex Bob-omb and, oddly, School of Rock. They were a four piece set delivering alternative, grungy rock music, and we loved every second of it. When I pulled my attention away from the entrancing music to ask my friends what they thought, their faces mirrored mine – intense enjoyment. The amount of times we all looked at each other and gave a nod of approval was astounding. I personally enjoyed the variation in The Methamphetaqueens’ set, particularly when the lead singer started to play the keyboard. They are definitely a band worth checking out.  

Following the Methamphetaqueens, was Cool Band – who really were cool for the summer (bad Demi Lovato reference anyone?). They were so cool in fact they even got our features editor on his feet dancing with the masses. After the previous performance which had people going between swaying to head banging – Cool Band had every one on their feet jumping about, heads banging and bodies thumping. Not only did Cool Band show they know how to work a crowd, but they also showed how much they loved their nannas by dedicating a song towards them. Overall, Cool Band – you’re kind of cool (okay, maybe a lot cool. So cool, that they just might give you freezer burn).

The last to take the stage, was a popular name around a few of my friend groups – Shit Narnia, who kept the energy high from the previous band. They were the epitome of the head bang, and their fairly new single – This is How They Kill Us showed that in practice. I spectated from a seat on the side, as the crowd surged around the stage, thrashing to every word and beat – rightfully so, I might add. One of the main things I liked about Shit Narnia was their lyrical prowess and the bands witty banter between songs. It really showed the band’s best attributes, and displayed just how brilliant they really are. A friend of mine claimed that she had liked them because they were loud, and they were, and it was great.

Everything said and done, it was a great night for music. There were great progressions in terms of musical build up, the perfect ending for the HERD this year. If you haven’t checked out any of these bands, or been to any of the Good Shepherd events – you need to get a move on that. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.