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Music of the Week: Dennis Cometti – Goon & Juice

“Goon & Juice” Is the latest single from local Perth Punk/Garage band Dennis Cometti, and like their namesake, this track is smooth and flawless.

Depending on who you ask, Punk has become the Schrödinger’s cat of music: Existing in a state of seemingly being both dead and alive. But if the recent gamut of Perth punk bands (Dennis Cometti, The Shakeys, Emu Xperts, et al)  are to be believed, the old girl still has some life in her.

The track is everything you’d expect from a punk band: Bass. Drums. A guitar only capable of playing four chords. Vocals screamed at you with an undeniable Australian twang; though if the accent wasn’t there, the inclusion of “goon” should definitely tip you off as to where the band comes from. The lyrics are simple, fun and easy to sing along with. Don’t come here expecting some kind of biting criticism of the system, come here expecting to get drunk and becoming the poster child for everything your parents think is wrong with youth these days.

The video for this single, is shit. Not in a bad way, and certainly not in an “ironic” hipster way. More in a “90s Australiana hey remember when we didn’t quite understand how video works” kind of way. It walks the line between home movies edited by your dorky uncle and the clip for Area-7’s fantastic song “Nobody Likes A Bogan”.

I really like this song, and I really look forward to the band’s EP “Wooden Spoon”, coming early next year on the Workplace Safety label. In the meantime, hunt them down at a gig and buy them an export on me.

Best served: With Goon & Juice, in a dive bar, listening to Dennis Cometti (the band or the man, your choice).